Who we are

The team is comprised of professional designers with a broad spectrum of expertise in human-powered machinery, small-to-mid-scale manufacturing, and problem solving with highly limited resources.

Donna Cohn, project leader of the HIT project, is a professor of applied design at Hampshire College, and has a background in assistive technology and a longstanding passion for sustainable design.

Mike Augspurger is a pattern-maker and an early innovator of the first mountain bicycles, first titanium bicycles (Merlin) and the one-off handcycle, for which he holds a patent.

Roo Trimble is a CNC machinist, patent holder, and inventor of the ROOPOD ultra-efficient personal vehicle.

Susan Hanna works in design and manufacturing, and is a business consultant; she also works in disability advocacy and information referral.

Bob Cann is an expert in model design and manufacture, prototyping, and mass production; he’s an entrepreneur and occasional adjunct professor at Hampshire College.

Various Hampshire students have also contributed throughout the life of the project, in the fields of anthropology, video production, website development, and prototyping.